SONIC Drive-In App Reviews

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If your app is working, don't get ugly with others. The app has problems depending on where you go. With the new update, I can no longer reload my card on the app. This past week, it started asking for stall number, not the code. The problem was that I could not update the app on the phone. The Sonic App is far from perfect and is inconsistent.

No stars until you can actually order with the app I really don't understand the point of the app if you can't build an order with it

Doesnt work

Signed up but it wouldnt send a verification to my phone And then said I have already used my email, but wont let me sign on. Bull

Cant create an account

This app is horrible. Ive tried multiple times to sign up for an account with different emails, everything and even tried to sign up with Facebook and it wouldnt work.

Cant login or create account

Downloaded tried everything to login or create an account and always error. Until this is fixed u get 1 star

Mobile pay my butt

This is not a mobile pay situation. It is a digital gift card. Im sure that sonic is banking on the unused funds and making a fortune. Add Apple Pay or google pay to make it more updated.


Downloaded app for free slushie, said no rewards after I pressed redeem when carhop present.

Frisco, TX

The lack of functionality on this app is amazing. I dont try to pay through the app, I gave up on that long ago. Now, sometimes I can reload a card through the app, sometimes not. Truly crappy service......fix it before you lose customers because of it.

Enter waste your time

This app is a joke. I dont care about any free stuff I just wanted to see the menu which apparently isnt possible. The app is designed to obtain your email for marketing purposes. There is no benefit to the customer. Im deleting this buggy piece of junk right now. Too bad I cant give 0 stars.


Awesome app, works flawlessly when ordering at my local Sonic.

Works just fine

The app works just fine. People just need to be smart enough to use it. you just select an amount of money that you want to be taken out of your CC account, and then that amount is debited onto your account on here and you spend it. its not that complicated. yes it might be a little hassle but you do get to redeem free items when you use the app.

Doesnt work

Downloaded the app and it wont even stay open long enough for me to register it just stalls out and kicks me off ..... Either they need to fix it and listen to their customers or this app ANC their service will ruin their company


Bad no free slush as advertise. Thiefs. Lies not good. .

Why does it need access to Location services always? Outdated tech

The app should only need access to my Location while Im using, please respect my privacy. Doesnt appear ro support Apple Pay or Touch ID in any way....


It makes you verify then no drink

Trash trash trash

This app is trash.

Dumb app

I would not recommend because I was all excited because i thought i could get the free slush when i downloaded then drove all the way to sonic and pulled up the free slush and when i clicked on it .. It disappears and shows that i dont have anything to redeem

only get one slush! no options


This app is so stupid it is made to make you mad

Worst App Ever!!!

If I could give it negative -10 stars I would. I pressed redeem to get my free slush and it literally flashed on the screen for 2 seconds and then the lady said you dont have a treat, you already used it. I downloaded the app in the car right before we ordered it, so no I hadnt used it! I had to pay for my slush. It is a terrible app I wasted my time and my data downloading it. Thanks for nothing Sonic!

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